Blocked stormwater drains.

Stormwater drains direct water runoff from your property to stormwater mains, street drains and gutters during heavy rain. Stormwater systems usually consist of a series of downpipes running off your roof and pits into a series of underground pipes leading to main stormwater drains.

These systems are designed to prevent flooding and damage to your property, along with preventing erosion. If the stormwater drains within your property are blocked, you must have the issue addressed as it can damage your property and your neighbours.

There are usually one, sometimes two, main stormwater pipes running from your downpipes and pits to the main stormwater tie. If the blockage is further down the line or at the tie, it’s most likely the local council’s responsibility.

Regardless you need to identify where the bloackage is. This is done using a CCTV pipe inspection camera. The camera helps to accurately locate the site of the blockage, minimising the excavation required and subsequent damage to your garden.

Signs you have a blocked stormwater drain.

If you find pools of water appearing around your house or yard after it’s rain, a blocked storm drain is most likely the problem. Additionally, water is bubbling up around the base of your downpipes during rain may also be a sign of a blocked stormwater pipe.

How does a stormwater drain get blocked?

There are numerous reasons a stormwater drain may become blocked. A common cause is the build-up of organic matter in the pipe. Heavy rainfall can wash leaves, twigs, dirt and other debris from your roof and garden. These blockages can usually be resolved quickly by cleaning out the pipe with a drain snake or high-pressure water pipe cleaner.

Frequently blockages are also caused by problems with the pipes themselves. Old pipes can break, crack or become misaligned. Tree roots can also get into small cracks in your underground pipes. Sewer and stormwater pipes attract tree roots due to the warm water running through them. Cracked or misaligned pipes make it easier for roots to infiltrate your pipes. Once in your pipes, the roots grow quickly until the pipe is blocked.

Preventing stormwater drain blockages.

An organic matter blockage can be minimised by reducing the number of leaves, twigs, dirt and other debris entering the stormwater pipes. Removing leaves from your roof gutter a couple of times a year and installing gutter guards can help immensely. Ensuring dirt and debris doesn’t enter any stormwater pits in your yard is also critical.

There is no foolproof way to prevent blockages as you don’t know the state of the underground pipes. Once a pipe is blocked, it needs to be looked at by a professional plumber. They will use a CCTV camera to locate and identify the cause of the blockage. Clearing the blockage might be simple or could involve digging up pipes and replacing them. The important thing is to get a professional diagnoses and quote if required.

Star Plumbing & Gas can diagnose your stormwater blockage and clear it quickly.

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